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Welcome to Monkey Business, the business arm of Leasing Gorilla, we are really keen to ensure that you find the most cost-effective lease funding for your business cars and vans. Just call us on 01283 351201 or email us on sales@leasinggorilla.co.uk and we'll be happy to save you £000's.

We all tend to focus on the cheapest monthly rental or cheapest overall cost, the rental is only part of the story and the calculation is really quite complex when you take into account:

  • Benefit in Kind Tax
  • Class 1a National Insurance
  • VAT Recoverability
  • Tax Relief
  • Business/ Private Fuel costs
  • AMAP’s
  • Salary Sacrifice Schemes
  • Whole Life Costs

Confused? See below for a demonstration report about if you should lease or buy a car:

Lease or Buy Audi A4

In conjunction with our Corporate sister company CBVC Vehicle Management, we have some very sophisticated software tools that can help simplify the story and help you achieve the right answer.

For example, please see below our “Company or Personal Lease” report which displays it a simple, easy to read format:

Tesla Company Lease or Personal Lease

So if you are a business owner, or are responsible for company vehicles, call us on 01283 351201 or email us on Business@Leasinggorilla.co.uk and we will prepare your bespoke report. It could save you £000’s. Just see our "Whole life cost" demonstration report below which shows you the true cost of a car to your business:

Mercedes EQC Whole Life Cost


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